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Suzanne Fiscella, PA-C, BCPA

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My name is Suzanne Fiscella, PA-C and due to my longstanding relationships with reversed-diabetic patients and their physicians, I'm able to give tips and tricks on up-to-date diabetes and the latest controls.

Not so many years ago, I was just like you.

I struggled with diabetes. Not for myself but for my patients. We were all overweight. We wanted a better year. We wanted to hope for the future. So what would we do?

  • We found the newest fads and tried them
  • We tried green tea
  • Would intermittent fasting work? Let's try that!
  • How about eating food we couldn't even pronounce?
  • How about those foods that taste like dirt?

I saw all the things I was doing wrong.

And at the end of the day, nothing worked so I took my patients back to BASICS.

Once I kept my patients on the BASICS, we set up goals and follow-ups. I told them, "Let me worry about the new fads, the new medicines. You just stick to the basics."

Finally, we saw success.

Now I want to share with you what works.

The first step in a quick recovery back to your normal A1c goal is taking action and executing exactly what needs to be done. This meant focus. Trying new fads meant distraction and confusion.

My life changed. Suddenly I was able to teach everything so simply that my patients could easily recover. The best part? They didn't have to go through training or course in diabetes or learn complicated systems.

And today, I've arranged for you to have full access to these diabetes success basics for a price that's almost too low to be believed.

Yes, You Read That Right...

I've arranged it so that you, person extraordinaire, can now know these secrets and become one of the millions living with an A1c of 6.0 or less and this knowledge will take extra good care of you, not only by knowing these secrets for $9.95, but also make 100% sure your recovery is NOT being delayed - or your money back.

Here's the support desk - https://patientbest.com/contact

See How Easy It Is For You...

To get your money back if you don't see results in doing the basics in diabetes recovery. My peers would call this marketing madness. Normally, they'd be right.

However, when you have A1C secrets as my patients have, you can put your money where your mouth is.

I know once you get your hands on these basics you will effortlessly be (at least) twice as energized and motivated.

Unlock the 7 Secrets to Rapidly Lower Your A1c and Reach Your Goals!

Meet Linda.

She is told she's overweight. She doesn't smoke but does have breathing problems, and diabetes.

I observed her closely and I can say with certainty...she focused on her success which produced results faster in 3 months than the average patient does in an entire year.We have used these exact basic techniques to keep Linda's sugars from spiking and getting her back to her A1c goal without the lasting effects of diabetes.

And these basic techniques have allowed you and your doctors to put a plan together that makes sense. You are able to manage your diabetes and return to your normal life quicker.

Imagine This...

You have a huge family event coming up in 5 months. You're struggling with your diabetes. Everyone in your family has this disease. But YOU are determined to manage it and show them how.

What do you do?

You use the same strategy tips you've just discovered to stay focused and on track toward your new goal in 3 months. You create a strategy using only these 7 common-sense tips because you know how since you're a diabetes-reversing machine.

You bang out a quick list of to-do items because you know what to execute first and get these out of the way...now you're a recovery whiz.

You get to the event. Everyone asks you how you reversed your diabetes so quickly.

Sounds too good to be true? I've seen it more than once using these methods and so have doctors and patients who do it every day. Effortlessly!

You can call upon this reversing-diabetes plan any time, on demand. Because you'll be able to leverage diabetes knowledge that you have no idea about. Yet...

What About This...

You struggle to lose weight. Your doctor tells you about your weight at every office visit. You dread the scale.

You're now armed with a tip you never knew about. You ask your doctor. Now you can accomplish the impossible.

weight loss

You attack your diabetes-reversing plan with newfound hope. Easy payday. With one question, you now know why you struggled so. Your focus returns, the weight comes off, and you step on that scale with delight the next time you are at your doctor's office.

What Diabetes Reversing Secrets Will You Discover?

When you get your hands on this "Reverse My Diabetes Now", just immediately flip it open to "How to Use This Guide".

You'll read the simplest diabetes-reversing plan. It starts with:

"I'll share the 7 areas I focus on.

Each of these sections could lead to a huge

amount of advanced education and that would

overwhelm you. We're going to do this

piece by piece. There are no tricks to diabetes.

There are no "schemes" or "fads."

Benefit #1 - Tweaking Diabetes Management for Maximum Benefits

As you go through these few pages, you'll discover:

  • How diabetes attacks your body and what to look out for so you can prevent heart disease.
  • A simple trick without schemes or fads will get you the results you need.
  • A set of terms so you perform your tasks twice as fast with twice the quality.
  • How to get your physicians to give you what you need for a faster and more accurate recovery within your time frame.
  • Automatically eliminate mental guesses and obstacles with these 7 focus points in a step-by-step secret format.
  • How to utilize your knowledge from this guide if you are overweight so you never have to be left wondering if something else should be done.
  • Diabetic patients need to know this one statement so they are not misdiagnosed.
  • What to look for so you avoid a higher than normal A1c.
  • Hit your recovery road running with full knowledge.
  • CASE STUDY - Linda asked her doctor this one question and began seeing results in one week. Her doctor appreciated Linda asking and remembered this could be stopping her from reaching her goals.
  • and more!

Benefit #2 - The Real Scoop on Team Work

You know how your heart beats automatically? And you blink your eyes and breathe without thinking about it?

That's how you design your diabetic teams. So they become effortless, unconscious, and automatic. And as easy to connect with as a text.

Sound hard? It's not if you know what to do. That's what you'll find out on pages 18-20.

You'll also discover:

  • The secrets for getting your A1c back to 6.0 by using your new found organizational skills!
  • The "Law of Diabetes" which makes your lifestyle easier and your journey incredibly realistic.
  • Set up your team without having to think - works with doctors, coaches, counselors, pharmacists, and family. (You can master this in a few days!)
  • The ONLY question you must ask yourself to guarantee you develop the "right" system. (This 3-word term makes a world of difference to your success!)
  • How to make almost any team you want "your backup system" with the two rules in place for reversing your diabetes.
  • The one specialist you turn to when you're shoving that last effort into goal.
  • CASE STUDY - David was not losing weight, and was not getting his A1c down. He revised his team and went from 8.9 to 5.7 in 4 months.
  • and more!

Benefit #3 - Focus Only On What's Important

Here you'll discover how you can almost become "one with the task" so the days fly by...With getting more acheived than ever before...without even giving it a second thought.

Once you combine this with your knowledge from previous pages, you'll become unstoppable.

You'll also discover:

  • How you tap into the same information as doctors and pharmacists, so you'll know and use what they know.
  • Why you only need these tests 4 times a year and get them to goal without doing any more than you are already doing.
  • CASE STUDY - Michelle knows her numbers so well that when one lab came back "wrong", she knew exactly who to turn to and found the mistake.
  • The only type of "blinders" you should keep in your diabetic journey. (This will stop confusion and guesswork.)
  • Doctors say you have to get your A1c to 6.0 but you'll learn how A1c really works and how to manipulate it to benefit your daily habits.
  • and more!

Benefit #4 - The Power of Simplicity

Huge secret revealed here - weight loss is done with fewer choices, each being a good one.

This section on weight loss understanding, plans, and execution shows you how to actually do this!

Plus you'll find out...

  • In 3 days, find the "few but powerful truths" about your body's reaction to food. (And your success rate will improve 200%)
  • Why diets, fads, and intermittent fasting don't work (discover how you can handle foods you're told to stay away from based on YOUR results).
  • The one calculator to instantly grant you information most diabetics forget about. (You'll now mathematically reach your daily weight loss goals)
  • How to fix a weight loss mistake in one day without impacting your weight.
  • Another benefit to saving money and time with this one formula you will want to use every day.
  • CASE STUDY - Mia was so mad when she realized her weight loss battle was not her fault. When she saw the culprit she became armed with defense and lost 40 pounds in 6 months.
  • and more!

Benefit #5 - Strategies for Achieving 6.0 A1c Levels

Throw your A1c knowledge away.

Once you learn how many factors can affect your A1c, you'll become way more effective at reaching your goal.

I guarantee your A1c is slowing you down. Instead, you'll notice an automatic improvement in your sugars and your satisfaction when you focus on other important factors.

You'll also discover:

How to uncover hidden "patterns of health" that drive up your A1c. (You're actually not an A1c machine. You're anything but!)

  • Simple technology every diabetic should have. It's not complicated to get it if you know the right questions to ask.)
  • Immunize yourself against those who want to sway you into their way of controlling your sugars. (Most diabetics suffer from this road-to-reversing-diabetes-roadblock).
  • Make the best decision 9 times out of 10 when you use this new technology to guide you through a "thoughtless" routine.
  • How to make energy burn calories at the grocery store (No, I'm not talking about doing sit-ups on the grocery store floor!)
  • CASE STUDY - Jason thought he knew how A1c worked and then learned the truth and got his A1c even lower. This got him off another medication.
  • and more!

Benefit #6 - Tweaking Your A1c Results for Good

I close out this guide with some simple stuff you can use that will give you small but smooth-sailing diabetes maintenance for the rest of your life.

You'll discover...

  • One tool no traditional doctor talks about (and it has nothing to do with your A1c)

  • How to handle vitamins, minerals, and supplements so they do not interfere with your food and medications.
  • How to feed your diabetes maintenance plan daily using the right tools.
  • Why gyms and exercise programs fail and how to become an expert on burning calories in other ways.
  • How to get your physicians to give you what you need for a faster and more accurate reduce your diabetic recovery to less than 6 months.
  • CASE STUDY - With a few more pounds to lose and the holidays coming, Ava sought help to keep her A1c steady and her appetite for sweets under control. She followed the advice in this ebook and came out of the holidays less stressed and better than when she went in.
  • and more!

The Risk Involved...

A few minutes of your time!

If you don't double your diabetes management (at least) using these techniques and knowledge, contact Suzanne's support desk for an easy, no questions asked refund at https://www.patientbest.com/contact-us.

How do you know this is a bargain investment?

Simple. If you're already moving toward your A1c and weight goals, and you are not aware of these secrets, then you should speed up the time it's taking you to reach goal.

If you're not making any headway yet on your A1c goal, or you were just diagnosed with prediabetes or diabetes,...this will be the investment to jumpstart your A1c reversal.


These recovery secrets will help you in every area.

Need to find more energy?

Need to sleep better?

Need to keep your stamina up?

Need to have more discipline?

Are other people depending on you?

Is this diabetes thing costing you a fortune in time, money, and relationships?

EVERYTHING you need to do in your daily living can now be accomplished quicker than ever when you use these recovery-reversing diabetes secrets.

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